Saturday, August 13, 2016

C Your Way to Success

One of my favorite trainings for my team no matter where I am in the world is called “C Your Way to Success.”
I believe there are 10 fundamental qualities that determine one’s success…especially in the network marketing profession.

All successful people make a commitment to succeed that overshadows all else…hope is important, but not like commitment…dreams are important but not like commitment…plans are important but not like commitment.

Commitment is the cornerstone to your success. 

What else is going to keep you going when you are tired, frustrated, and burned out?

What else is going to keep you going when your best friend tells you to go jump in a big ‘ol fat lake?

What else is going to keep you going when the dream stealers come knocking at the door?


These things happen to all of us…but we battle on because our commitment to success is larger than our current circumstances and stronger than the naysayers.

Are you treating your business as a hobby or are you committed to it like a professional?

Are you willing to pay the price for success?

Many of us have been so beat up with past experiences that we are afraid to commit to anything 100%...our health, our family, our education, and our career. 

We are just afraid to do what we know we should do…and that’s one of life’s tragedies.

Are you doing enough to just skate by or are you ready to commit to doing what you know your gut is telling you to do?

We all have skills…we all have talents…but what is the difference between mediocrity and success. 

I believe it is the “it” factor…

The determined drive that keeps you going when others falter…the laser focused drive that makes others think you are crazy…the energetic drive that takes a hold of you even when all evidence tells you to stop.

Commitment is greater than talent and greater than skills!

What is holding you back?

Commitment is greater than talent and greater than skills!

What is holding you back?

The work required?

The sweat required?

The persistence required?

None of the rewards come without sacrifice.  It’s one of the Laws of Life…I didn’t create it so don’t blame me.

When you finally decide to commit 100%, people will notice immediately. 

Most of the naysayers are just waiting to watch you grumble under the pressure…as soon as you don’t…they will want to follow you. 

Your commitment to success will be contagious.

People trust committed people. People follow committed people.

A commitment to your goals will bring out your fighting nature…you steadfastness…your energy…and your endurance.


A commitment erases the line between work and play as James Michener so eloquently wrote:


The Master in the Art of Living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion.  He hardly knows which is which.  He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.  To him he’s always doing both.


So let’s make a commitment to your dreams and let’s go work (or is it play?)

Billy Looper

PS:  Watch this 11 minute video that could change your life:


PS:  Challenge…list what you need to change or give up to honor your commitment to yourself and your family.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Building Your Powerful Candidate List and How to Invite them to your network marketing business

Do you know that at 3% interest you would need $1,000,000 in the bank in order to earn $2,500 per month in interest?

I don't know too many people who have $1,000,000 cash in the bank, but I do know many that are making $2,500/month or more in their network marketing (MLM) business.

Your goal may not be to be a millionaire, but maybe you know someone who aspires to have the equivalent of $1,000,000 in cash in the bank.

I can teach them how to do this. 

Here are my notes from a speech I gave to 4,500 network marketers on this very subject.

See if the message connects with you.


1.    Building, Maintaining, and Growing your candidate list is the #1 Factor in your success.

2.    Big List = Big Bucks/Small List = Small Bucks

3.    Small list = needy, begging, pressure, no posture.

4.    Wal Mart analogy…your list is your inventory.  Can’t open a business without inventory. 

5.    Organic…constantly changing…star rating system.

How to Build Your Candidate List
1.              Who should you put on the list?

2.              Keys Factors:  Goal is 200 names…Don’t pre-judge, put everyone on you know except the people you would not want to work with (one of major advantages of this business is you get to choose who you want to work with).

3.              Friends and Family…restaurant story.
4.              Wedding guest list
5.              Holiday card list
6.              Business associates
7.              Open up Business Plan

8.              Keep adding everyday.
9.              2 a day keeps the bill collector away

How to Grow Your Candidate List
1.              Never going to run out of people. 

2.              Adding to your list.  Solving the problem…I don’t know enough people…I’ve run out of people.  How to meet new people?  Do Life…do more Life. 

Mindset to help you attract more people to your list:


Attitude/Personal Development

Posture/Knowing what you have 

3.              Shared Experiences
4.              Common Goals
5.              Revitalize dormant networking groups (alumni, religion, hobbies, etc.)
6.              Start new networking groups (business, social, political, sports, cultural, CE classes, internet, online, facebook, twitter, etc.)
7.              Recognize temporary networking groups (situational “relatability”)
8.              Live Life
9.              Develop Relationships

1.              If you typically leave your neighborhood or home or apartment by going left…go right instead.  If you take the same streets to your office each day…take a different route.  If you go to the same lunch spot every day…discover a new one.  If you go to the gym at the same time every day…go at a different time.  See what happens.
2.              Say hello to a complete stranger that you would never typically speak to.  See what happens.
3.              Go to a bookstore and browse in a section that rekindles an old interest or hidden passion…architecture, art, sailing, history, whatever your interest…linger, look at the books, and watch the people in the same section.  See what happens.
4.              When someone asks you a question this week…asks you for coffee, a date, a favor…whatever…and when your immediate and typical response is to say NO…say YES.  See what happens.
How to Invite?  Key Points
1.              Rather you do 100 imperfect invites than 1 perfect one.

2.              Baseball Hall of Fame story…batting averages
3.              Doesn’t mean you don’t need to Practice, Practice, Practice to improve your ratios though. 
4.              What do you do?   

5.              Developing your immediate response to this question will open up your candidate list forever.

6.              Answer this question "What do you do?"
7.              Most will say their current profession.
8.              Not good for your business.
9.              Teach…I teach people how to open up their own international business for a little over $600.
10.          I teach people how to get out of debt.
11.          I teach people how to increase their cash flow.
12.          I teach people how to open up a home based business where they can operate an international business from their den.
13.          I show sharp people how to get rich.
14.          I show busy people how to have more time with their kids.
15.          Better…my temporary full time job is I’m an accountant…but my favorite business is teaching people how to get control of their finances. 

16.          Practice invite over and over until it becomes natural…part of you. 

17.          Commit it to paper.   

18.          See if it makes sense.  

19.          Get comfortable with it.   

20.          Tip of your tongue 24/7/365. 

21.          Remember you are only trying to get them to look at a third party tool…no selling…no company bio…no product history…if I give you this ______ will you look at it?  If I send you this _____, will you look at it? 

22.          3 Steps to Inviting -  (1) Create your invite.

23.          (2) Practice your invite. 

24.      (3) Teach how to invite.
25.          Two key points…(1) must do the work…invite doesn’t work if you don’t use it  

26.          (2) what do you do when invite doesn’t work?  NEXT 

27.          6 billion people in the world…only need 6 or 8 or 10 who get this as much as you do.
28.          Practice, work hard, be persistent. 
29.          30 to 60 days of practice…that’s why we start with our family and friends first…
30.          They will love us no matter how badly we do.   

31.          Remember you can stumble and flub your invite all day long to the right people at the right time for them and it doesn’t matter.  They will get it anyway.
32.          Expect Success.  

33.          People are crazy if they don’t get it.   

34.          Back to “know what you have.”   

35.          Have confidence in what you are doing.  Don’t get caught up in the results…get caught up in the activity. 

36.          The Magic of Thinking Big…Chapter 3…Action conquers Fear.   

37.          Invite until its second nature…subconscious.   

38.          What do you do for a living?   

39.          Get your “handle” down!   

40.          Get your tagline down! 

How to Improve Your Invite 

Let’s go back to Mindset: 

          Be on
          Be happy
          Be excited
Energy         =        Enthusiasm, magnetic attraction

Conviction   =        Belief, trust, loyalty, are you taking me where I want to go?

 Urgency       =        Speed, fear of loss, are you taking me where I want to go fast enough? 

Attitude/Personal Development
          Fake it to make it? Old school

          How about “Be it to get it.”  (lesson on quality…best effort at all times, etc)

          Look professional…be professional (describe attributes of professional here) 

Posture/Knowing what you have 

I don’t need them they need me mentality because I have the key to financial freedom: 








You are looking for people who are looking.

Sharp, ambitious but frustrated people.  Know any?

If you have the list and you have the invite…there is nothing stopping you but EFFORT.  Are you willing to pay the price?

If you master your list making skills and your inviting skills…your life can change in 30 days. 

It took you 4 years of college and 10 to 15 years of experience to get where you are in your profession now. 

I’m talking about 30 days of inviting, inviting, inviting. 

Even three weeks…lets do this in 3 weeks…

21 days of inviting, inviting, inviting will change your life. 

21 days to success…how does that sound up against anything else you have going right now. 

Can you make that commitment…can you make that deal with your family…can you make those calls?

Go a little crazy…

Talk about captains of industry:





People thought they were crazy…
Get crazy…go insane…out work everyone else…thinking about this deal will not make you free…only action will make you free.

Everybody wants to be a successful…but are you willing to do the work?

I think you are!

Billy Looper

PS:  Watch this 11 minute video that could change your life: